About Us

About Us.

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Warhead-Designz is a company created by seasoned developer of 20 years David Watts. Our mission is simple: creating fun enjoyable games that anyone can pick up and begin playing without technical knowhow or sophisticated controls schemes. Our mission is to open up the realities of aspiration for people of all ages to enjoy something, whether it be simple cute characters trying to run around and win a race, or horror games, or even FPS games, if there's an idea no matter how far out there it is, we will attempt it, our core values encourages developers to use imagination when creating our games and to go agaist the status quo, we believe in re-inventing the wheel because one thing we truly believe in - anything that's been created can in fact be made better, this is why we strive for innovation, this allows us to make truly unique games, no matter the graphics, the storyline, it can be fun if the mechanics are done correctly.

About David.


David Watts started making games when he was 8 years old (28 now), it started off with simple mods to the original C&C (Command & Conquer games) and he really began learning when (Command & Conquer: Renegade) had released, he began learning how to 3D Model, Program, Sound Effects, Music, Texture Art, Pixel Art, Voice Acting, Sculpting, Materials, Artifical Intelligence, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.net, C#, Multiplayer Networking, Editor Tools, Procedural Geometry, and much more. David offers tons of experience and we really believe you'll enjoy hours, days or even months of enjoyment from the games we release.

David Watts has 30 certifications from institutions around the United States (none are game development related) but David throughly believes in learning. David has certifications from (New Mexico Tech, FEMA, National Fire Academeny, South Carolina Fire Academy, Center For Domestic Preparedness, South Carolina Emergency Management Division). David was a Fireman for 4 years and in 2010 joined the South Carolina State Guard (State Military). He had recently left the state military to proceed on living his dreams of creating video games.